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Overcoming Adversity

A little over a year ago, an athlete came into TNL for his initial assessment. Due to a knee injury sustained in PE class earlier that day, created some uncertainty prior to him starting his training. Upon getting his knee evaluated by a doctor and diagnostic imaging, it was confirmed that he had a torn ACL in his knee. Fast forward a month later, he underwent successful ACL reconstructive surgery. A month and change after surgery, he started his training routine at TNL in February 2020…yes, approximately 4-6 weeks post-operation he was training again. Everybody has their excuses, Steven threw his in the garbage.

This athlete is none other than our own, Steven Paul. Steven is a senior, infielder/pitcher at Montgomery High School and has been apart of the TNL Fam since February of 2020. Let’s just say the start to his journey was almost as atypical as they come: started with a modified training routine due to limitations with surgically repaired knee and a global pandemic that put a halt to in-person training at TNL for 14-weeks. However, this did not deter Steven’s commitment to getting back to full speed. Not only did he commit to bettering himself with his training, he also did so with his nutrition; making an overhaul change in his body composition during the quarantine; taking ownership in his own cooking.

Once Steven was cleared by his doctor and finished his return to play physical therapy protocol is when his progress took off! All of his performance metrics have skyrocketed, while his knee remains as sturdy as ever. Here are some charts that display Steven’s progress since the end of the summer when he was cleared for full activity:

Steven’s only just begun to hit his stride! This is what happens when you embody COMMITMENT, EFFORT, CONSISTENCY, SELF-AWARENESS, and PATIENCE, like Steven has done regularly over the past year. If you’re looking to be another athlete like Steven Paul, REPLY to this email or give me a call at 732-266-6999 to talk about how Thunder N Lightning Performance can help you out.

Stay fast,


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