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Custom Athletic Development to Help Improve


Do you feel like you need to be faster?

Our Expert performance coaches will teach you the technique you need to run, cut, and move better than ever.


Need help keeping up with the competition?


Our expert performance coaches will help you consistently improve your performance so you become the best version of yourself


Do you hate feeling like you are trying your hardest but have no more gas in the tank?


Games are won in the final minutes. Our coaches will help build stamina and conditioning specific to your sport.

See what our ATHLETES say about us

- Ben Simon, New York Mets

To say that TNL performance has change my life wouldn’t be an outlandish statement. It would be fact.  I have been working at TNL since 2017 and can honestly say that working out under his tutelage has been one of, if not the biggest factors in my development as an athlete. What I really love most about TNL is how adaptive they are.  I’ve seen the TNL community grow from the very start and can honestly say there is no better place to grow as an athlete and as a person.

I can't say enough good things about TNL Performance. I joined in 2018, going into my final year of college baseball at Duke University and continued working at TNL during professional career with the Minnesota Twins. The staff dedicate a superhuman amount of time and energy into helping their athletes, but they're also emotionally invested in each of their athletes' success on and off the field.

- Ben Gross, Minnesota Twins


Training at TNL has brought me to love working out; I love the environment & I have made a lot of friends. I have become a lot stronger since I have started with them which improved my skills on the softball field too. They have helped me get over an ankle injury and work with me to get that ankle stronger. They make it fun to work out and it is always the highlight of my day when I go. They made my senior year 100x better and got me ready for college. 

- Jackie Masone, Drexel University


- Sophie Berman, Washington & Lee University

I came to TNL looking to vary my workout and add more weight training, but didn't know where to begin.  So I joined TNL on the recommendation of a friend. The staff created a personalized plan that has helped me improve my strength, speed, and acceleration, all which have translated to my on field play!  TNL has become a second home and place I genunenly enjoy going to.


Will this program help build my kid's confidence?

Will this help my kid run faster and jump higher?

Can training help improve my kids' mindset toward hard situations?

Absolutely! When kids get stronger, faster, and fitter their confidence will rise, and so will their self-esteem and performance in every aspect of life will get better.

No Question! Proper strength training will add more Giddy Up and Go to their athletic ability so they can show up next season with everyone asking what they have been doing.

We’re going to help your child develop discipline, leadership skills, interpersonal skills for meeting new people and interacting within our community, and learn how to handle adversity of failures & mistakes

Here's How to Get Started

Register to enroll in our next Seasonal Elite Athlete Athlete Development Block.



We assess & evaluate all athletes, and build a custom training plan to match their goals.


We guide and coach every athlete in the program through through the entire 13 week training block.

Where to find TNL

273 Whitehead Road

Hamilton, NJ 08619


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