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ProTalk Takeaways

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

We are just over a week removed from the first ever TNL ProTalk. There was a ton of invaluable information discussed by our in-house pro-baseball players. Our very own Lance

DeSantis was in attendance that night taking notes, and he was willing to contribute some information that he took with him after the ProTalk. Here are his four takeaways from what our pro-baseball players had to say:

Ben Gross - Achieving goals. Goals come from routines, routines come from trial and error, and you continue to learn and improve your routine via what has worked/did not work in the past. Take ownership in your routine and development. Ex: Ben's college coach made him practice hitting fungos to position players instead of working on his pitching. Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Thank your parents more than you want to for allowing you to make all the necessary sacrifices because of their sacrifices.

Scott Kelly - “Passion trumps logic.” Attitude is more important than facts, play to survive or to thrive. Both of which go hand in hand to drive a better mindset and work ethic in order to best the odds presented in front of us. You can be 0-20 at the plate or just gave up 5 runs in 1 inning your last outing, but your attitude should still be as if you’re 10-20 at the plate or just threw a perfect game.

Jose Lopez - Appreciation for your path. When you are apart of a team, remember there is a reason you are on that team. You are not there by chance, “you are meant to be apart of this". There may be anxiety that comes with new experiences and reaching new levels, but understanding that everyone else is at that level just like you.


1. Decisions. Being aware of what you are putting your effort into in order to achieve your dream. Being aware of where your effort is going and how that will drive the needle forward.

2. Consistency in every other aspect of training. Eating will translate to consistency on the field, extra work, sleep, good habits off of the field, etc. Remember to complete the task at hand while staying in the moment with an elevated sense of awareness and presence.

Thank you,

- Lance

About Lance:

Lance is a current pitcher on the Mercer County Community College Baseball team, and former standout at Montgomery High School. He is considered one of the TNL OG's, while being one of the best people to have in the facility. Always bring tons of energy and uplifts each other individual while he's there.

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