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Look & Feel Better Than You Have in Years

Customized personal training for your body and goals

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We know proper fitness and nutrition can be confusing. With so many options out there where do you even start? Our expert personal trainers make it simple, easy to follow, and fun. Get the results you have always dreamed about.


✔ Are you overwhelmed with all the advice out there to improve your health?
✔ Have you tried diets and workouts programs, but still struggle to consistently live the healthy life you want?
✔ Do you feel like your health and fitness is just something you’ve put on the back burner?
✔ Are you working really hard and not seeing the results that you thought your hard work would provide?
✔ Do you feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel trying every fad diet without any results?

Unlock the Best Version of Yourself…Become the UNSTOPPABLE YOU !

Discover our unique Personalized Fitness Experience that has members all over Mercer, Somerset, Burlington, and Middlesex Counties getting results they never thought achievable! Have your own TEAM of personal trainers at an unbelievable value.

Our team will design and guide you through your own custom training plan. Your own coach and a team dedicated to giving you THE BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY.  Simply show up and we’ll take it from there.

Flexible Scheduling

We get it life happens.  Our flexible scheduling allows you to get fit when it works for you.


Getting fit should NOT break the bank.  Each client at TNL Performance gets their very own custom personal training plan, accountability coach, and a team of experts in their corner at group fitness rates.  See and Feel the difference yourself.

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